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>|GK|< Which stands for "Guardians Knights" is a clan that was made in 2007 specifically for the game "Drakan Order Of The Flame." Since the game is old, there weren't alot of people really into it. The clan usually had stayed around 5 members. It stayed like that for around a year. So it came to a decision to branch out to another game. After like a week it came to  a decision. A decision to branch out to the game "SkullTag". A plugin for the wads mainly from Doom which would cost you like 10 bucks maybe. The game had to be not a high graphic game because since "DOOTF" is not very high in graphics there was needed a game that would kinda be around the same quality. There aren't many rules so view,learn,and follow. They should be located on the forum. The link is in the box to the left called "The Guardians Forum".